Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luis, the Little Drama Boy

My folks visited our place last Sunday with three kids in tow… all playful, loud and hyperactive.

The eldest in the three, five-year-old Luis, the first apo has grown up so fast. I remember how he used to be so maka-lola (fond of her grandmother).

When he was three, he woke up one afternoon crying looking for his lola whom he calls Loli. The irritated Tito Jojo, my youngest brother, who had too much of his crying, commented, “Itatali kita sa pwet ng loli mo eh (I’ll tie you up to your grandmother’s behind if you don’t stop).”

To this, little Luis replied, “Tito Jojo, wag mo gawin sa akin yan (Uncle Jojo, please don’t do that to me).”

Jojo burst in laughter and went rolling.

Such a funny kid who seems to be watching too much of teleserye.

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