Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Life

When does taking a shower become luxury to me like what others are saying?

That’s when I become a mom.

It’s already been a month now since Kris & I embark on parenthood which totally changed our lifestyle. I remember those days when I almost cry realizing how hard it is to be a parent. But difficult as it maybe, it’s very rewarding seeing a little angel sleeping soundly in my arms. It’s true that I can do nothing in a day but stare at him and adore him. Smelling his breath, studying his features, telling him over and over again how much I love him and kissing him a million times has all become a hobby to me.

It’s a bliss waking up every morning seeing him.

He grew up so fast. He gained about a kilo in a month’s time making his cheeks so round and cute. His legs grew longer, his arms grew bigger and his appetite almost became like his dad’s.  I love it whenever I see Kris envelope him in his arms. Isaiah’s so peaceful and comfortable with his dad’s loving arms. He would stop crying once dad picked him up even if it means waiting a few more minutes before his feeding time.

But of course he loves lying on my chest as well. He loves to feel my heartbeat as much as I love to feel his.

This New Life has really brought joy to our life as a couple.
Gone are the days when Kris and I could just go anywhere to hang out.
I am missing it.
Gone are those times alone with Kris where my attention is only at him.
I am terribly missing it.
Now are the days spent with Isaiah.
And I love it.