Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift of Life

My nine-months-journey will be over soon…

I recall how unpleasant I was feeling when I started on this journey. It’s not easy and really wanting to make it the first and the last. Then I realized how much of a novice I was back then.

There’s so much more on this road…

God loves me so much that He can’t just let me not enjoy this wonderful phase of a woman’s life.

After the first three months, when all the morning sickness has gone and the sluggishness shrinks off, I began to feel good about myself. I want to show everybody that I am blessed with a GIFT OF LIFE and I am indeed pregnant. There was no insecure bone in my body even up to now. And though, I am carrying a boy in my womb, I didn’t experience having skin darkening like most pregnant women would experience. There was no unwanted weight gain; people would say that I can mistakenly appear not pregnant when I turn my back. I don’t have stretch marks, I never scratched my belly like it was really that itchy though that made me think that Isaiah is bald like his dad when he was a baby.  And most of all, I have a wonderful husband who babies me all the time… I thank God for all these awesome feeling.

Now I am on my 38th week and am expecting to give birth any time now. My last visit with my OB was last Saturday, December 13th and was examined 1 cm dilated already. Suddenly, it dawned on me and Kris the reality that we will soon be parents. It was mixed emotions and I can’t settle on which one’s on top of the other.

So many things are running in my mind …

When is the big day? I hope it won’t fall on Christmas day. I want Isaiah to be able to cherish his birthday when he grows up apart from the Christmas season and give real value to Jesus’ birthday.

How will I handle the birthing pain? This is Krisses concern as well but we both believe that WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens US.

Will Isaiah be all okay and normal? The last ultrasound said he was on a perfect 8/8 score and that everything’s okay, can’t really wait though till I touch him and hold him.

And now I’m wondering if Kris and I will cry when we finally see him. We are cry baby, just like last night upon watching the film “Facing Giants” that brought us both into tears.

For all these things and the so many other blessings from God, my heart is really in gratitude that all throughout this journey, God never leave me. Not to forget that in the middle of this pregnancy, the company I was working for has been affected by the US economy crisis and that I have to work freelance. Life has been tough for both Kris and I since then but God is tougher. HE’s with us, sharing in our joys, building more love and creating stronger relationship.

Thank you Lord for all your Blessings.

Thank you Lord for your Love.

Thank you for this GIFT OF LIFE.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthing Room

Last Saturday, December 6, Kris & I toured the Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s birthing room.

We took Lamaze class on October so we were able to get the privilege to do this. Hours earlier that same day, I showed my birth plan to my OB, Dra. Agdamag where everything written was approved by her. Kris will be joining me all throughout the labor to coach me and all that.

Laurie, the nurse from the Delivery Room took this picture from the birthing room.

She was the one behind me on the first pic wearing green. Basically, this birthing room is designed for Lamaze couples. Laurie showed us all the other room like the ones used in Caesarean birth, the Labor room which is quite bigger compared to St. Lukes and the regular Delivery room. Kris needs to familiarize himself around this facility so he will not surely panic on the Big Day. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hide & Seek

I downloaded pictures from my Ixus camera to free up space and somehow prep it for Isaiah’s birth. I just found out that there were too many pictures I have kept for quite a very long time now. Thank God I found today an opportunity to organize it so I can erase those that has been there for century.

One really good pic I found was Krisses.

I took it sometime in April during our “playtime mode”. The story was he went upstairs ahead of me. I think we were about to sleep then. And since most of the time, I was the one doing all the “hiding stuff”, he tried to do it himself that time. As you can see, he tried so hard to fit himself and cover himself with the towel. It was so funny. Good thing I grabbed my camera right away and took a shot of him. It will always remind me of how playful and how kulit we were.

Now it gives me a big smile on my face when I remember how we’ll run after each other up the stairs and slam the door so we’ll not catch each other. Hahaha! Even now that I am pregnant there are still those playing times… Sometimes we’re talking if we can still do those once Isaiah comes out… Well I hope we could. After all, married life is not all about parenting but also about having fun times together. ;)