Friday, November 14, 2008

Past & Pain...

Unexpectedly... there are things that will remind me of the past ... and the pain will come alive ... i cannot do anything but cry ... feel the fear again that i once felt ... i was lost for a moment ... i wail in agony ... but God is good ... all the time... I recognize my inability to protect you on my own ... i lift my distress up to God ... and He gave me security that everything will be alright now ... because He's there ... i hold on to His words ... His promises that will set me free from the pains of the past ... He sets me free ... You and Me ... and all i want to do is to love you continously ... beyond pain ....I love you and I am proud of who we become after all the tribulations we went through ... Praise God.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Survivor Philippines No More!

It’s past 10pm. I’m not supposed to be in front of the computer but of TV instead watching Survivor Philippines.

I’ve been watching it since the beginning and developed an allegiance for the Naak tribe who’s a very family-like team compared to the opposite team, the Jarakay. As much as I don’t want to say it, but Marlon the very deceiving character in the group really pisses me off. His evil demeanor makes my heart sink. I couldn’t stand his supercilious self that destroys the relationship of the Naak team. Last night, Kiko was eliminated because of Marlon’s wicked strategy to break the once I thought strong relationship of the Naaks. I can’t blame the Naak members whom Marlon was able to win over to save his ass. But relationship destroyed because of false charges really breaks my heart into pieces.

I told myself that I’m not gonna watch it again. Told Kris too how much I lost enthusiasm over it. I’m saving myself from too much anguish… I have enough of Marlon. Survivor is over in my list now … but just glad that there’s this Pinoy Fear Factor to supplant it. A friend, LJ Moreno is part of it and I’m just glad when she told me that there’s no some sort of alliance in it. I can watch it without a threat that it will break my heart like the Survivor did.

Am I too soft? Yes I am…

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Victorious Americans

Today is America’s Presidential Election. I have witnessed the campaigns of both Obama and McCain through CNN. Kris would always tune in to either CNN or Fox News for breaking news regarding the two. At one time, I called him election obsessed. We’re not American citizens for crying out loud but for some reason, this election has brought him inspiration. He admires Barack Obama and is rooting for him. While I am not siding on any one of them, my heart goes for Obama somehow.

At 12 noon, PH time McCain graciously conceded over Obama’s victory. With him on the stage were his wife Cindy and running mate Sarah Palin and her husband. I was nearly in tears while he was speaking in front of his many supporters. I can see in his eyes the disappointment. His sadness saddens me for some reason. I don’t know if it is because I can feel him or I am just naturally emotional because I am pregnant.

On the other hand, people were waiting for Barack at the Grant Park in Chicago. He too will have his speech and American people are enthusiastically waiting for him. I am too. I am thinking that he’s going to be emotional. Not long after, he came out of the stage with wife Michelle and two kids. There were smiles in their faces while tears were running down the cheeks of both the black and white Americans. I was nearly in tears too. At long last, a black American will never be discriminated again as they were hundred years back.

President elect Barack Obama indeed create history different from others. I pray that he will be the man of God who will lead the world’s leading country the way God wants him to lead it.

God Bless America.