Monday, September 1, 2008

Isaiah Moves A Lot

Every night before tucking in for bed, Kris would read the bible to our baby. Lately, he would sing gospel music or just talk to him while rubbing my belly. One time, when we were both lying in bed, I could hardly feel him so I told Kris to tell him to kick. Kris said “Baby, give daddy a kick”. In an instant, Isaiah responded and gave me a gentle kick

Another time, while Kris was praying, Isaiah was so quite. But when Kris said, “Amen”, he moved like he leaps inside me or something. He was like saying “Amen” with his dad as well.

There was this one time also when he doesn’t want to stop moving. Kris just finished singing him a song so we get back to our sleeping position. Again, he was like leaping inside of me so I talked to him and said we need to sleep. But he wouldn’t stop. So I joked with Kris and said, he might have liked your voice. Can you sing to him again? Kris moved down to my belly and rolled my shirt up. He talked to Isaiah and sings him another song. He was quite after a while until Kris said good night. Isaiah was so cute. He responded to us. He bonded with his dad. What else does it bring but joy in our hearts.

Can’t wait for Christmas to come. It brings us more excitement today than ever because that’s also the time when we will finally see him and touch him… our lil bundle of joy… our lil Kristoffer Isaiah.