Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hide & Seek

I downloaded pictures from my Ixus camera to free up space and somehow prep it for Isaiah’s birth. I just found out that there were too many pictures I have kept for quite a very long time now. Thank God I found today an opportunity to organize it so I can erase those that has been there for century.

One really good pic I found was Krisses.

I took it sometime in April during our “playtime mode”. The story was he went upstairs ahead of me. I think we were about to sleep then. And since most of the time, I was the one doing all the “hiding stuff”, he tried to do it himself that time. As you can see, he tried so hard to fit himself and cover himself with the towel. It was so funny. Good thing I grabbed my camera right away and took a shot of him. It will always remind me of how playful and how kulit we were.

Now it gives me a big smile on my face when I remember how we’ll run after each other up the stairs and slam the door so we’ll not catch each other. Hahaha! Even now that I am pregnant there are still those playing times… Sometimes we’re talking if we can still do those once Isaiah comes out… Well I hope we could. After all, married life is not all about parenting but also about having fun times together. ;)

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