Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthing Room

Last Saturday, December 6, Kris & I toured the Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s birthing room.

We took Lamaze class on October so we were able to get the privilege to do this. Hours earlier that same day, I showed my birth plan to my OB, Dra. Agdamag where everything written was approved by her. Kris will be joining me all throughout the labor to coach me and all that.

Laurie, the nurse from the Delivery Room took this picture from the birthing room.

She was the one behind me on the first pic wearing green. Basically, this birthing room is designed for Lamaze couples. Laurie showed us all the other room like the ones used in Caesarean birth, the Labor room which is quite bigger compared to St. Lukes and the regular Delivery room. Kris needs to familiarize himself around this facility so he will not surely panic on the Big Day. 


Retro Manila said...

Was just looking for info on how else I can assist my wife with her pregnancy. And I kinda thought Googling her OB might provide helpful feedback, I was directed to your blog. :)

A Woman's Journey said...

I haven't been here for a long time because I'm busy with my little Isaiah. I hope your wife is doing well. She is in good hands with Dra. Agdamag. She's very motherly. Tell her I say so.