Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greatest Fear

Back when I was very little, I remember being so scared losing my parents. When I grew up and learned how to fall in love with a guy, my fear has change into losing the one I love. But now that I am a mother to a three-month old Isaiah, my fear has evolved into his welfare.

Just this morning, I read a news on CNN.com about a little girl who was feared to be eaten by a crocodile in Australia, my motherly heart was enveloped with sadness. A lot of “what ifs” crossed my mind. And maybe no one can truly fathom this fear but a fellow mother.

A child I carried in my womb for nine long months, a source of happiness.

A baby I carry in my arms now, a reason of my greatest fear.

I am just glad knowing that even though it’s beyond my capability to protect him, God is always there to shield Isaiah with His mighty arms.

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