Thursday, October 30, 2008

Woman of Faith

It’s been two weeks now since a friend’s boyfriend passed away of heart attack. The guy, Manny Distor was so young. It shocked both Kris and I upon learning from another friend who knew Manny.

On the first night we visited the wake, I held my tears when I hugged Yas. I can feel her pain showing in her eyes… She told me and Mia, another co worker that like so many other couples, she and Manny started building dreams together … one of it is getting married soon. I would remember how Yas would make kwento about Manny when she’s in the office. Working freelance for Philippine News, she would just go there once a week during Sales meeting. And when we see each other at church, she would tell Kris that we go on a double date some time. That night we were standing before Manny’s lifeless body, Yas kidded us “This is our double date already”. Kris and I really felt so sad. We were acquainted with Manny before I met Yas at work. I was actually surprised upon knowing that they were together. What a small world I thought to myself.

Though in pain, I can see in Yas how much she tried to be strong. She told us that Manny’s death really changed her perspective in life. And I admire how she looks at things now. Indeed, I can say that she’s holding on to God and she trusts Him with all her heart. She said, Manny taught her a lot about the facts of life and it would be unfair for Manny if she would not apply it in her life now that he’s gone. She was nearly in tears when she was telling about her dream with Manny and expressing how much she wanted to be with him as well.

“It was weird” she said. “All I can see are our feet. I was wearing his slippers and he got it from me saying, Yas this is not yours”. In an instant, I knew in my heart what that dream meant and I told her this:

Yas, you and Manny used to walk together in your lives. But now that he’s gone, he’s taking a path different from yours. You said you also want to follow him and be with him but Manny knew that it’s not your time yet and that’s what he meant when he said “it’s not yours”. You have to live your life to the fullest despite his absence.

Mia was surprised with my interpretation and I am too…

Observing people around, I can see how much Manny was loved. Family and friends, they all knew that Manny was indeed a cool guy who loves God and His words.

His time on earth is quite short but as he enters the gate of heaven, he’ll have the eternal life with our Creator.

I pray that Yas will always be comforted by that fact and that she will continue to live her life to the fullest by touching the lives of the so many people around her … spreading the words and grace of God not only to those who are hurting but also to those who are seeking who God is.

God Bless you Yas… I believe that you are indeed a Woman of Faith.

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